GET THE STINK OUT Laundry Additive

$12.00 USD

Get the Stink Out and Get the Funk Out Laundry Additive

When work-out clothes are not smelling clean after you wash them, you need our laundry additive. For a clean smelling result, use on clothing and linens. Add a scoop of our "Get the Stink Out" or "Get the Funk Out" laundry additive will rid your items of all residual odors. The scoop is included in the packet. Use on bed linens, towels, workout wear, any article that has stubborn odors.

Using a combination of zeolite granules (a naturally-occurring mineral with detox properties like charcoal) and essential oils, this powder helps remove stubborn odors from clothes.

Tested and approved by athletes and hot yoga studios.

Available in 12 oz and 24 oz sizes


Add one scoop of powder to you regular detergent. Can be used in top-loading and front-loading washers.

Like any product containing essential oils, please do not use on pet blankets or furniture coverings. 

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