GET THE FUNK OUT Laundry Additive

$12.00 USD

When work (or work-out) clothes are just not smelling clean enough, they're just not getting clean enough. Adding a scoop of our "Get the Stink Out" laundry additive helps. Scoop is included in packet.

Using a combination of zeolite granules (a naturally-occurring mineral with detox properties similar to charcoal) and essential oils, this powder helps remove stubborn odors from clothes. 

Tested and approved by athletes and hot yoga studios!

Available in 12 oz and 24 oz sizes.


Add one scoop of powder to you regular detergent. Can be used in top-loading and front-loading washers.


Sodium Carbonate (washing soda), zeolite granules, and essential oils of tea tree and spearmint.

Septic system? While no one has reported a problem, some people are concerned with every laundry additive when they have a septic system. While these ingredients are considered safe, you may want to check before using if you have concerns.